Day of Days

17 05 2010


May 16, 2010, will go down as a day to remember.  Never have I done more work in one day while not getting paid for it.  The day consisted of accomplishments like I’ve never seen before.  My todo list for the day: mount microwave…check; hookup washer/dryer…check; hookup gas stove…check; program garage door opener…check; fix fallen-down shutter…check; meet neighbors…check; paint bedroom…almost finished.  My dad came down for a Brewer game and had stayed the night.  I got out of bed at the early hour after hearing my dad roaming about the house as he usually gets up earlier than most people.   So commenced the day that started at 6:30 and ended at 10:30, with a short break for church and lunch.  What a day!

The Microwave

The microwave was a wall-mounted fixture that required mounting a metal bracket to the wall, hoisting the microwave up onto the bracket, and then screwing it to the cabinet from above.  Of course, this is easier said than done.

I had mounted the metal bracket the night before, displaying the wonder of my handiness, having to drill probably a 1/2 in. hole in dry wall using a 1/4 in. drill bit.   Done.  I then maneuvered the anchored bolts through the holes and continued to tighten up the bracket.  Beautiful!  My first mounted fixture in my new house!  Of course, this was just the bracket.  That morning then, with the help of my dad, we tackled the microwave itself.  We measured several times including using a template that came with the microwave, and drilled the holes into the cabinet above where the microwave would go.  Then, all we have to do is mount the unit and screw it in, right?  Wrong.

Apparently the builder employed the cut three times, don’t bother measuring technique when cutting the hole for the power cord.  We realized in our first attempt that the power cord didn’t line up with the hole drilled into the cabinet, and it wasn’t going to work.  This is the picture: three 2 inch holes drilled into the bottom of the cabinet, seemingly with the power cord in mind, none of which lined up with the power cord.  So without the use of a hole saw in my arsenal, we used a 3/8 in bit and drilled about 8 holes in a circular fashion and cut out the middle.  Wonderful craftsmanship (or at least good ingenuity) if I do say so myself!

Now with the hole properly cut, we lifted the microwave up, fished the power cord through our now aligned hold, tightened the screws from above the cabinet, and tada!  My first official finished project in my new house!

The Day Continues

Moving on from my first successful and completed project, we tackled a number of other projects.  I hooked up the dryer in our laundry room.  There wasn’t a whole lot to that, and I got it working within a few minutes.  With Melissa’s help, we programmed our garage door keypad and hung a shutter that had been down since the day we first looked at the house.   I hooked up our gas stove, which my dad was a little leery about doing himself.  Luckily, he had left a while ago, so I did it myself.  I think he just wanted to be as far away as possible before I blew my house to smithereens, but surprisingly, it wasn’t too difficult.  I applied the gas approved sealant tape to the threads of both the stove adapter and the floor adapter and attached the hose.  I tightened the hose with one wrench and then spread hand soap over the fittings in order to check for gas leaks.  I turned on the gas and slowly started smelling a very subtle hint of gas; I turned the gas off.  Finding a second wrench, I made sure that the nozzle coming about of the floor wasn’t twisting while I was tightening the hose, and I felt it get much tighter this time.  I turned the gas back on, and calling on the ultra-sensitive sense of smell of my beautiful wife, we agreed that there was no more gas leak.  The stove lit up without an explosion, which was a thrill in and of itself.  We pushed the stove back into place, and the kitchen is now put back together!  Hurray!


Our living room is painted a very pleasant green color with a green ceiling and white trim.  The office is painted a lighter green color on the walls and ceiling, with white trim.  The guest bedroom is painted that lighter green on the walls and ceiling, with white trim.  The master bedroom is painted that same green on the walls and ceiling, with white trim.  The kitchen, sunroom and both bathrooms are painted a nice green color on walls, with white trim.  Are you sensing a pattern yet?  They say green is a calming color, but the builder must have assumed that the he was going to sell the home to a hyperactive schizophrenic  with a caffeine addiction

We decided that the green just had to go, and what better place to start than the master bedroom.  We primed the walls and ceiling and with the help of Melissa mom, we painted the walls a light brown with a dark brown accent wall, with a white ceiling.  Of course, who gets to the ceiling?  You guessed it.  How fun it is to paint a ceiling that is 12 ft at its peak!  Oh but I kid.  Anyway, we started the priming around 3:30, and finally ran out of gas at about 10:00, having to finish edging along most of the walls and ceiling, and to finish an area of wall where we ran out of that color paint.  Other than needing to finish up few places, our bedroom is much nicer looking now, and we are that much closer to ridding ourselves of the calming, yet overwhelming Kermit the Frog themed interior.

What does it all mean? 

So ended our day of days.  We got about as much accomplished as we ever have in one day.  Our list of projects is ever increasing, but the motivation to complete them has only been enhanced.  On May 16, Melissa and I made the house ours.  We looked it in the eye told it who’s in charge.  What a way to spend your time, working with your hands and marveling at your work, beer in hand, realizing that you are indeed capable of things you never thought possible.




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17 05 2010

If this blog is going to be dedicated mainly to things you’re fixing you should add before/after pictures. A picture is worth 1000 words, and all that.

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