Something was going to hang

22 05 2010

In what could turn out to be the world’s most difficult to put up shower curtain rod, I achieved a remarkable feat while suffering a great amount of frustration in the process.  We have a bath tub in our second bedroom that has a curved shape, so Melissa wanted a curtain rod to match the contour.  This means that it isn’t simply the tension rod that you twist into place.  This involves measuring, and drilling, and a great deal of thinking.

The curtain rod had two ends that needed to be mounted to the wall, and then the rod would fit onto two brackets on each side.  So I did all the appropriate measuring, remeasuring, aligning things by holding them up, and measuring again.  I drilled some holes to place the anchors in the wall, and proceeded to mount the brackets to the wall.  I got both up, marveled at my work, and then attempted to put the rod into place.  One big problem.  The brackets had a pair of holes that were meant to line up with holes in the curtain rod so the rod could be secured in place with the curve extending outward instead of falling down from it’s own weight.  Wonderful me had mounted the brackets sideways, so all I ended up with was a very pathetic, sad looking shower curtain.

After much cursing my tools, the curtain rod, and the French (the instructions I believe were in French), I retired to bed for the night, convinced that I had no business attempting such difficult endeavors.  Melissa was supportive, telling me I could try again later.  I wanted none of it but to brood over my failure and sulk in self pity.

I let it sit for a couple of days, pondering my next move.  Then this morning, I got up around 6:00 (a fairly typical hour for me) and just went at it.  I took the brackets down, drilled new holes, and mounted the brackets the right way.  I hoisted up the curtain rod, lined the ends up with the brackets, fit everything into place, screwed the now lined up holes into place, and affixed the covers to the end of the brackets.  Done, curtain now up, holes properly concealed, I can forget this ever happened and move on to a more manly household endeavor.

The effort may not have been worth it...

The effort may not have been worth it...

...but the results are hard to argue with.




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22 05 2010

We love all the “extra” concealed holes in our house!

27 07 2010
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