It needed a cleaning

6 06 2010

the garage, or perhaps the surface of mars

Our garage has been gathering clutter since the day we moved in.  We have a 3.5 car garage, and the third stall has been the staging area for the majority of our stuff that we either don’t want in the house or didn’t have a place for yet.  Clearly, something needed be done here.

On top of that, since the time I have lived away from my parents (basically since college) I have needed a better to organize my tools.  The “stuff everything in one of 3 tool bags” plan has always left me searching.  I could never keep screwdrivers straight, only finding a flathead when I needed a phillips and vice versa, never could find my stanley knife when I needed it, constantly finding tools in various drawers.  I don’t know how many times I’ve told Melissa that I need a pegboard.  Well, this weekend, we went out and got a white 8’x4′ pegboard!  We didn’t have an 8 foot stretch in the garage that it would fit in, so we had to have it cut in half, and I will eventually hang the other half at a later time.

So here I was, on a Sunday afternoon, from about noon to 5:30pm, in my garage cleaning up the mess that I had created.  I mounted the pegboard, hung some bike racks, and did a thorough butt-whoopin’ in our enclosed carport.  I remember my uncle once saying about the garage something to the effect of “with everthing in its place, there is a place for everything.”  Here are the results:

there WAS a garage under there!




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