…like the grass needs rain

4 07 2010

So now that the lawn is in, the real work begins.  Watering the lawn is probably the biggest pain and more work than I would have ever thought.  And no amount of someone telling me “hey, watering your lawn is a pain” would have convinced me of the truth that was in that statement.  A combination of too short of hoses, too few hoses (who ever thought 6 would be too few), and low water pressure all add up to the sum of 2+ hours of my day every day devoted to providing my dirty hay with moisture.

The recommendation I got for several reliable sources was to try and water the lawn for about 10-20 minutes at a time in the morning and the evening.  Well, with the amount of times I have to change hoses or move hoses to cover gaps, it adds up to about a 1 hour job in the morning and in the evening.  In same areas, I have even resorted to just holding a sprayer or even the sprinkler itself and manually watering some corners where the sprinklers don’t reach.

We had our lawn put in on Wednesday, and it is now Sunday.  I’m told to expect a week or two before seeing grass start to grow, so I feel a little bit like Noah right now, needing to work so hard for something that at this point doesn’t seem to be doing anything.  Anyway, rain is in the forecast for the next three nights, and never before have I been so excited to see high chances of precipitation on the horizon.

I have, however, discovered that when used in tandem, oscillating sprinklers and pulse sprinklers, while very different in mechanics, can be very affective.




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4 07 2010
Jeremy Lindgren

I agree, watering is one of those things where it’s unfathomable how gigantic of a pain it is until you have to do it. That’s why I said in the other thread that I might consider in ground, if I had it to do over, even though those are about 5 times more expensive than they should be.

You should look into one of those sprinklers I suggested, they move on their own and cover a huge area. You lay out your hose, I have more than one chained together, in the path you want them to work back over. They get off course once in a while, but poking your head out the window to check on it every 20 minutes when it has a corner to make, and settling it back on track if need be, is better than going out every 20 minutes no matter what. If it has a long straight away it you can leave it for hours. (It’s slow and thorough)


5 07 2010

Yeah, I’ve considered the traveling sprinkler recently, but considering the amount I’ve already invested in other sprinkling devices, I’m going to continue my strategy. I have reconsidered things, like actually diagramming my yard and detailing the coverage of each sprinkler. I also have a few more hoses now and a few more sprinklers. I’m going try another small incremental adjustment before I go out and buy a new sprinkler that costs about the price of 6 sprinklers.

9 07 2010

My lawn has some sort of rust fungus. I mowed last night and my lawn mower is dark orange now. Apparently new lawns are more susceptible to it and the recent weather is perfect growing conditions. And I probably need to water more and/or actually fertilize once I guess.

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