Watching The Grass Grow

11 07 2010

The phrase “it’s like watching grass grow” gets a bad rap.  Generally it is used to describe something that is very boring, tedious, or drawn out unnecessarily.  Well, it has been 11 days since are grass was planted, and we are starting to see some significant progress.  I now have found that watching grass grow can indeed be rather exciting.

The start of a good crop.

I have perfected the process of watering the lawn, complete with a to-scale diagram of the house and yard.  We also made to-scale movable sprinkler cutouts to place on our diagram in order to assure precise placement of our sprinklers to maximize coverage.

I stepped off the house and yard to get the exact dimensions.

So, we now have 9 sprinklers throughout our yard, each attached to its own hose.  Have you ever seen the movie Christmas Vacation and Clark’s Christmas light display that was seriously overloading his electrical outlet?

Modern Art

Now, all I have to do is go outside and flip a switch to swap each of my sprinklers.  My next step might be a timer, but I would need a timer for every hose, and at a minimum of about $7 per timer, that would add up pretty quickly.

This is easier now

Now I only have to move a one sprinkler. The rest just do their thing.




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