Blinded Reality

26 09 2010

Our house gets plenty of outside light.  It’s very nice that we don’t have to turn the lights on during the day and we still manage to get by pretty well until the evening when the sun starts to go down.  We have blinds on most of our windows, and we always like to have them open to let light in and to feel a little more opened to the outside world when we are couped up inside our house.

We have a sun room off of our dining room with three outside walls, two of which have a big window and the third has our patio door.  This room is very welcoming in the morning when the sun is coming up, as it faces east and is the first room in our house to receive the warmth the sun provides.  It’s probably our favorite room in the whole house.

However, since we moved in, the patio door did not have any curtain or blinds to cover things up during the night time.  This meant that once the sun went down, any move made in our sun room, kitchen, living room or dining could potentially be observed from the outside.  And boy, do we do some strange things that require privacy (Wednesday evening chicken dances, anyone?).

Seriously though, we needed to do something about this, so we ordered some custom blinds, and of course, we installed them ourselves.

My parents were in town to help us accomplish this, and the help was well worth it.  Hanging vertical blinds is like hanging a curtain rod.  And if anyone read my previous entry about hanging curtain rods, you would know that apparently this can be less then enjoyable for some people.

I think our entire neighborhood was watching us install these.

The main beam hangs on three brackets which have to be perfectly level or the whole thing will be off.  (As a side note, this is my first entry to feature my sweet new ladder!)  We took the appropriate measurements several times, and hoisted the beam up numerous times to make sure that we read the level carefully before we actually drilled the holes.  If there is one about my dad that used to annoy me, it was that we always seemed to be way to cautious about these things.  We probably rechecked our measurements about 4 times more than I had the patience for.  After doing a few projects with him, I realize that you really can never be too careful with these things.

So we finally felt right about the measurements and drilled the holes.  This time, the drilling went as smooth as possibly.  The two outside brackets needed to use anchors, while the middle bracket was secured into a stud (which is another thing I learned, that you DO NOT use an anchor if you are screwing into a stud).

We got every in place, fastened each blind, and after a shipping mix-up that got resolved a week later, we ended up with a sure-fire barrier from the outside world whenever we need it.

Sorry, neighbors, you can't watch us anymore.




One response

29 09 2010

I have a ladder just like that, it’s pretty bad ass.

It’s not so bad anymore, but we live in a fairly young area (as in the houses are all just built, not necessarily the people in them, though I think that’s also true) and it was a surprisingly long time before many of them put up window coverings of any kind anywhere.

I guess I’m just paranoid or narcissistic (Everyone is watching everything I do because I’m so interesting!) but I don’t think I could live with that for half an evening.

We barely ever even open the curtains or blinds during the day. I’m pretty sure if you asked our neighbors 50% of them would say no one even lives in our house. Shut-ins-hurrah!

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