Pretty in Pink

16 01 2011

It has been over 2 months since my last post.  With the holidays and actually doing some of the projects that I write about, it has been a very busy couple of months.  But I’m back and with some exciting progress!

We are starting the process of finishing off our basement.  We have been beating our heads against the wall trying to tweak our floor plans.  Our biggest roadblock is the placement of the bathroom, which is already ruffed in, so we really have no choice of where to put it.  The problem is that it is sort of in an awkward spot in the basement, leading to some creative placements of doors and hallways.  But alas, we move on!

I am starting off by installing 3/4 inch foam board installation to the exterior walls.  I started with 48 4×8 sheets, and I am now down to about 15 or so left to put up.  I can’t tell if the basement is noticeably warmer yet, but it does give our basement a nice pink finish to it, with a lovely applique of the pink panther.

Started like this

and is turning out like this

The ceiling in my basement is slightly shorter than the length of the boards, so I have to cut about 3 inches off each board; I am left with a bunch of 3 inch x 4 foot strips to figure out creative uses for.  There is some need for creativity when installing around the egress windows, or into corners, but so far I think I have it looking pretty good.  My next task is to come up with a materials list for framing.  In early February, my brother and dad are coming down for a long weekend and we are going to give my basement a skeleton.  But for now, I must diligently work to finish the foam boards.

More pink




6 responses

17 01 2011

What floor plan did you wind up going with?

17 01 2011

We going with something close to Plan 3, but without that room labeled “storage” in the right. It is going to be all open except for the furnace area, the bathroom, and the bedroom. The “storage” area was going to be a work room, but I think I can come up with enough room in the furnace area for a work bench, or I can just use the garage.

17 01 2011
Jeremy Lindgren

So you aren’t doing the hallway via big closet thing in front of the bathroom?

17 01 2011

I’m actually working on the floor plan right now. The closet by the bathroom is going to be at the end of the hall and will extend a little bit into what is currently the closet type room going into the bathroom. The bedroom is going to come off the north wall (aka, move closer to the bump out area), with a bedroom closet going along that north wall.

17 01 2011
Jeremy Lindgren

I’m starting to think having 90% of the basement already walled for load bearing purposes, thus having little choice in how things were going to be setup, was a blessing in disguise. 🙂

17 01 2011

No kidding. There are some things where I wish I had no choice. The only thing is that the one thing that gives me no choice is where the bathroom will go, but I am beating my head against the wall trying to figure out how to draw up plans for getting to the bathroom. The one thing that I can’t move is the one thing that I really really want to put somewhere else.

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