Drafting by day

22 01 2011

I think I’ve taken up a side job of being an architectural drafter.  I am narrowing in on the perfect floor plan, and the bathroom that I have had so much trouble with is starting to take shape.  My latest plan widens the hallway into the bathroom slightly, while decreasing slightly the size of the furnace/storage room.  I have to go around a support beam (not pictured) as well as the water-heater.

Floor Plan #5

Aside from the bathroom, I changed up the bedroom a little bit. Instead of having a long closet taking up an entire wall, I made the closet shorter.  It now makes the bedroom itself bigger.

I have calculated a list of materials I am going to need for the initial construction of framing it out.  So far my estimates consist of 230 8′ studs; 53 12′ studs; 150 concrete anchors; and over 1500 framing nails.  I am renting a framing nailer that should help make the job a little easier as well.  I’ll add to this list coffee, pizza, beer, and whatever else is needed to get 3 guys through 3 days of continual construction with no sleep.  D-Day is planned for February 3rd.  Can’t wait!




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24 01 2011

Looks good. I was going to suggest paring down the bedroom closet, but that felt less like ideas to help you solve issues at hand, and more like telling you how to build your house. 🙂 I think you’ll be happy with more of that space devoted to the bedroom itself.

Assuming that plan isn’t illegal for one dumbass reason or another, (too close to this/that etc) I think you have a winner.

24 01 2011

Also something to consider: Wireless networking is almost certainly going to get faster/better, but nothing beats the reliability of a wired connection. Not sure where the cable/phone comes into the house, but you could run cat 6 in the walls to a few places for pretty cheap.


Even cable boxes have networking options now a days (on demand, DVR content sharing, etc)

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