Wood Pile

26 01 2011

I now have the makings for the skeleton of my basement.  250 2x4s all eagerly waiting to part of my basement floor plan.  I have 8 footers for the vertical studs and 12 footers for the top and bottom plates.

the skeleton

the Pre-basement

I had Menards deliver the lumber, since I think this payload might have been just a bit over the limit of my hatch back’s hauling capacity.  They dropped it off in our driveway, and me, Melissa and a friend hauled it into the basement through the egress window.  Divide 250 by 4 and you get the idea of how many trips Jon made back and forth from the driveway as Melissa and I waited in the basement to stack the wood.

We made some final assessments of our floorplan, and while I haven’t put any final tweaks to paper yet, I think with a minor change we may have landed on a final answer.  Code for a hallway is 36 inches.  My most recent plan has the hallway over that mark except for getting around the stall shower.  To combat this, we may go the route of putting in an walk-in shower that we tile, giving us plenty of room for a hallway to code.  I guess they expect someone in a wheelchair who somehow found his way into my basement to be able to use my bathroom.  I’ll let you know when I start my handicap elevator project.

I now have one week to finish putting up my foam boards as construction of the frame begins next Thursday, February 3rd.




One response

30 01 2011

We are excited about your project!! Can’t wait to see pictures of the basement as the framing begins. You are definately working towards the goal. Wish we could be there.

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