A Hole in the Wall

21 03 2011

Ben Franklin I am not.  It is a well known fact that Ben Franklin invented electricity when he flew the kite in the storm, and he took that electricity to help defeat the British and form the American nation.  Ok, that’s a bit of a fabrication.  In fact, other than a few experiments, Ben Franklin really didn’t do much in terms of advancing the science of electricity like we may have been taught.

What does this have to do with me and the house?  I too have done very little to advance electrical development of the basement.  I studied all I could and came to the conclusion that starting an entire basement from scratch was not the right time for an electrical ignoramus to try his hand at running electricity throughout the house.  So I hired someone to do it for me.

What I did do, however, was mount some of the fixtures.  We are going with recessed lighting throughout most of the basement, and part of me talking down the quote for the electrician, I mounted the recessed lights in the ceiling; fortunately I had my dad over to help, so it didn’t take quite as long.  It wasn’t very complicated, but it did take a couple of nights.  All told, we have 21 can lights in our basement, and while the labor wasn’t back breaking, it did take a fair amount of thought and method to make sure the spacing was right.

The other thing I took on was mounting the bathroom fan.  That turned out to be more of a chore than I expected.  I was able to get the fan unit mounted in the ceiling.  The trouble came with running the duct work to the outside.  The 4 in flexible duct I had needed to attach to the fan, take a 90 degree turn, go through two joists, and then exit the house.

I rented a 4 1/8″ hole saw to cut through the joists.  Well, I couldn’t get the duct through the first hole.  I returned to the hardware store and got a 4 1/2″ hole saw; this worked a lot better.  So I got the two interior holes drilled and was ready to…..ahem……drill a 4 inch hole in the side of my house.

I did all the measurements and the placement of the hole was at no point a problem.  What was the problem was my arsenal of drills.  My cordless drill only has one battery and it was already pretty low.  I have one fairly weak corded drill and another 30 year old drill.  I started drilling with my corded drill; it was slow going and I’m pretty sure it was more than the drill was meant handle.  The drill started smoking eventually and after a while I wasn’t getting any deeper in the hole.  I tried switching drills, and none really worked.  Well, I eventually got through, but not before my drill started losing a large of amount of specs of something from the inside.  I have decided that I may need to add a better drill to my arsenal of tools.

I got the end cap fit into the hole, attached the duct, taped it all up with foil duct tape.  So now I can say I mounted a bathroom fan.  And I can cross “drill a 4 inch hole in your house” off my bucket list.

My self created fan mounting kit

That's much better than it looked about 15 minutes earlier

This was actually the easy part




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