Basement Full Of Thanks

24 11 2011

It was one year ago this coming weekend that I embarked on an adventure that has consumed my spare time on a fairly regular basis.  It started with a big load of foam insulation board that I had to adhere to the cement wall.  Then we framed the entire room.  I hired the electrical, some of the plumbing, ran electrical wire for heating, hung drywall, started mudding, and so on.  There is still a lot to do, but I would not have gotten this far without some help from  a whole gamut of sources.  I’ve had people provide physical labor, advice, external resources, blog input, and support.  I’d like to thank those people and sources now.

Melissa, Erik, Kathleen, Google, Christopher, This Old House, Rex, Sara, You Tube, Nancy, David, Lisa, Diersen Electric, The Neenah Public Library, Black and Decker, Bosch, Krueger True Value, God, Menards, Jon, Lowes, Home Depot, Ford Windstar, Jeremy, Miller Brewery.

For some visual, here are some long awaited pictures of my progress.  I am almost completely finished hanging drywall.  The unavoidable task of mudding is all that seems to separate me from painting!

Happy Thanksgiving!




One response

24 11 2011

Wow! The basement walls are looking great!! Keep up the good work Scott & Melissa. It is amazing to see what you have accomplished in one years time. The end is in sight.

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