Light at the end…

13 03 2012

This has happened before.  The same thing happened to Lewis and Clark.  Even the most compelling journals have the occassional, if not unexplainable hiatus, leaving the readers wondering what possibly happened during that gap.  The silence of the pen (or in this case, the keyboard) can make one long for information, without which any number of scenarios get tortured and the mind’s contrived worst case becomes the likely.

Well fear not, my loyal readers!  I come bearing good news.  The last three months of silence have not been the result of termites destroying my progress.  Nor has it been caused by massive amounts of snow breaking through our egress windows and flooding out our basement (check the weather lately, it apparently doesn’t snow in Wisconsin anymore).  The silence, as it has been in the past, is the result of progress!

When I last put words to screen, I told about a minor victory we had achieved, in being able to paint the bedroom after finishing off the mudding.  Since then, the progress has exploded.

Finishing up in the bedroom, I moved on to mudding the rest of the basement walls.  I felt like I was moving fairly quickly at this, and I felt like I was doing a better job than I did in the bedroom.  Afterall, I had all that practice in me now.  Once finished with mudding the seems, I added my signature wall texture.  With not having to mud the ceiling, the process of mudding and texturing the walls actually seemed rather doable.

Then we painted!  We primed both the walls and the ceiling and painted the ceiling white.  We then spent about 24+ hours over the course of a Friday-Sunday painting the walls a soft tan color.  In a matter of three days, the basement went from construction zone to “hey, this looks like a room now.”

Next came doors and trim.  I bought doors and trim and painted all the floor trim and door casing.  My dad came over for a weekend and we he helped me get started with putting on the floor triming, hanging doors, framing on of the egress windows, and framing in the doors.  I then finished all the triming and door framing the following weekend.  In all we had 5 doors to hang, and 5 doors are now hanging.  I have since painted all but 2 doors and installed door knobs.

The tedious work was touching up the trim.  I painted the trim white, and the finishing nailer left holes every place it put a nail that needed to be filled in with spackle.

So with all this work, we are left with a few more tasks: building the bar that I want to put in the living area, and picking out carpet, along with a few odds and ends.  We inch ever closer to the end, and clearly the end is closer in sight.




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