A Lawnmower Home

28 03 2012

So I took some time away from the basement for a day to work out in the garage. Other than the workbench we built, there isn’t much for shelf space. I corrected that problem.

My garage has a two stall door, and then it is indented about two feet for a second, one stall sized garage door. This creates the perfect little nook for which to put a shelf. Enter the handiless homeowner!

The design sort of took form as I went. When I built the soffit in the basement, I used wooden I-beam joists, and I had two left over. I had used one of these joists to make a bench for mudding, and I figured turning it into a shelf was a proper way to allow it to forever make its mark as a part of the house.

I took these two joists and cut them each to 5 foot lengths. I then screwed them together and then fastened them to the exterior wall of the garage to act as the vertical support for the shelf. I needed room to store the lawn mower underneath, so I put in two shelves starting about two feet above the ground.

Now I really had no design plan, and I assumed I was going to have to buy some plywood for the shelf top. It just so happened that I had two squarish pieces of plywood leftover from the workbench that fit my two shelf sizes almost perfectly! It’s as if I planned it that way! So it turns out that I have indeed learned a thing or two in the last year or two of working on my house. I built a shelf from scratch that is probably stronger than anything I could buy in a store, and it was essentially free. Go me!

My Lawnmower has a little home now

I built this with no plan in mind, other than "hey, a little cabinet would be fun to build."




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3 04 2012

You’re kind of my hero.

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