Raising the Bar

5 04 2012

The basement is nearing a conclusion of sorts.  We have ordered the carpeting and are simply waiting to schedule the installation.  The trim work along the baseboards and doors is finished, and the doors are all hung.  With a few odds and ends here and there we will soon be ready for when the carpeting is installed, and the entire demeanor of the basement changes from “work space” to “living space”.  I am giddy with excitement at the prospect of seeing over 18 months worth of work finally show something of a conclusion.

One of those last odds and ends is putting in a bar.  I have always wanted to put in a bar in the basement.  Something to sit at and play games, serve food on, or just sit and pretend that my basement has a pub feel to it.  Last night, a friend of Melissa’s and mine, Jon, came over and lent his carpentry expertise to my idea.  After we were done, we had the skeleton framework constructed of what will eventually become probably my favorite part of the basement.

Way back prior to putting in the drywall, I had plumbers rough in water pipes for a sink back by the bar area.  I even took the liberty of running TV cable up high in the bar area, in the event that I really want to enhance the sports bar feel and put a TV up behind the bar.  I’m really stretching my visionary prowess here!

The design we are going with will sort of be U-shaped, with the high countertop in front, and the other two sides being normal counter height, with room for a small fridge underneath one counter and cabinets under the other.  The high counter will extend just over six feet long, with the entire bar area taking up about a 6’x6′ footprint.  We are planning to tile the floor behind the bar.

As far as the construction went, it was nice (and strange) having someone do all the thinking for me.  Jon has built bars before, so for me it was simply a matter of “how far to you want this to extend” or “do you want the shelves to be adjustable” or something along that nature.  Some of the piecemeal things I’ve put together so far wouldn’t have held much muster to “this should look good when you are finished” had I applied those principals to the bar.  So it was quite nice to have an expert at the helms for a change.

Within a week, we’ll probably have carpeting installed and the feel of the room will change completely.  But for now, there’s this.

We framed out the bar. If you think it looks good now, just wait.




One response

5 04 2012
Jesse Sutherland

Cool Scott! Can’t wait to see it again sometime soon! A lot of hard work going on down there.

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