Cutter of the Sod

4 06 2012

It’s a never ending project owning a house. Where one task ends another begins. Where one leaves off another takes over. To me this is the excitement of home ownership; there is always something for me to do. The project this time was more landscaping.

We have done some landscaping each summer we’ve lived in the house. First was in front of the house, the second time around our egress windows, and this time we expanded those two areas. The south side of our house gets baked in the sun all day long, so the grass doesn’t grow the greatest there. And there was another area on the north side that we wanted to have plants instead of grass. All told, we had about 150 square feet of area to cover.

Last summer, we did some landscaping that required me to remove a lot of grass, and I did it with a shovel. Never doing that again. This time, I rented a sod cutter for the Krueger TrueValue for about $50. I towed this tool home, fired it up, and in about 30 minutes, I had cut out more sod than I did in about 6 hours the previous summer. For jobs of almost any size, I would highly recommend this route as it saved a ton of time and really saved on my back.

With the sod cut, I was able to just roll it up or in some places just pick up the chunks of sod and all them off. With my dad’s help, we cleaned up the area as best we could. When digging the holes for the plants, I unearthed a number of large rocks that were oh so fun to bring to the surface (more on that later). We cut the trench and laid the edging and laid out and staked down the fabric. After putting the mulch down, another project finished up with a nice touch.

Along the garage, we planted geraniums, a burning bush, some ornamental grasses, and a dogwood. Along the northside egress window, we planted some hostas as 3 endless summer hydrangeas. Along the garage, I washed off the rocks I had dug up from the ground and made a little “rock garden” formation bookending the grasses. Hey, they took me long enough to dig up, I might as well put them to work.

The garage area before

The garage area before

The garage area after

The garage area after

Egress window area before

Egress window area after

view of the two “rock gardens”




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