Hiring My Services

12 03 2011

When you are a handiless homeowner, sometimes people will be looking for help on all sorts of house related projects or fixes.  Clearly that was the case when I miraculously fixed the sump pump for my in-laws.

We are watching Melissa’s parents’ house while they are away and came across a backed up sump pump.  The pipe outside their house was likely blocked by ice and so the water was getting pumped out of the house and directly outside the back wall, leaving a big pool of water right next to the pipe.  This was essentially causing the water to seep immediately back into the sump basin and get pumped right back to the same spot.  No water was getting in the house, fortunately.

Here I come to the rescue.  With some guidance of what to do, I construct a pipe system (from some pipes that Melissa’s dad had on hand and used in the past for this exact same purpose) to direct the water above the ground and into the yard, bypassing the clogged underground pipe.

You can see the pipe in the ground that I am bypassing

Up and over the snow bank

So the next time you have an emergency sump pump problem, it’s probably still best to call someone else.  But if no one else is available, your friendly neighborhood handiless homeowner is there if you are desperate!


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