Will Side for Beer

18 09 2010

There comes a time when every good man will hire out his services for those that come asking.  Sometimes, this is done in exchange for future services.  But always, the payment of choice for most projects for hire is coffee in the morning and beer in the afternoon.  From this point of view and others, this job did not disappoint..

So it was that Melissa and I traveled to Hudson to help out a certain brother side his house.  Now that I have installed a few pieces of siding on my own house, I am clearly an expert, and should be the guy anyone calls with help for such a task.  My brother Christopher is in the process of doing to major renovations to his house, and the project of the day including replacing his siding with new vinyl siding.

We got up early on a Saturday, poured the coffee, and got to work.  This was my first job wearing an actual tool belt, and it made me think that I should never do a project without one again.  Not just because it looks awesome wearing it (sort of the way safety glasses make you look cool), but because I never was more than an arm’s reach away from any tool I needed, even if I was up ten feet on a ladder, which I was quite often.

That brings me to another subject.  Most people who know me know I am very skiddish about heights, and it doesn’t even need to be something very high for me to take a pass on.  Well, for some reason (perhaps it was the soft garden compost behind his garage that would have cushioned my fall) I was not affected by the heights, even when I was up on a ladder at the peak of his probably 12+ foot garage.  The funny thing was that on Saturday I was only working on the back of the garage where the ladder was on grass and I had the garden below.  On Sunday, we had moved to the front of the garage, so when I was up on the ladder I saw the brick driveway beneath me.  I made one trip up the ladder on Sunday, did what I did, got back down, and told Christopher I wasn’t going back up that ladder again.

And just so I make a point of giving credit where credit is due, Melissa was a big help too.

Vinyl siding is pretty straight forward until you get to the slanted roof of the building.  Then you have to start cutting fairly precise angles and fitting the pieces together with a little more thought.  Then, when you get close to the peak, you have to cut an angle on one side of your piece and an angle on the other side, and they have to be exact, which can create all sorts of frustrations.  Anyway, by the time I left on Sunday (at 11:00, so I had time to get back home for a 3:00 Packer game, of course) the garage was mostly finished and the marvel of a job-well-done glowed off the sunlit reflection of the newly installed vinyl siding.



10 05 2010

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