Watching The Grass Grow

11 07 2010

The phrase “it’s like watching grass grow” gets a bad rap.  Generally it is used to describe something that is very boring, tedious, or drawn out unnecessarily.  Well, it has been 11 days since are grass was planted, and we are starting to see some significant progress.  I now have found that watching grass grow can indeed be rather exciting.

The start of a good crop.

I have perfected the process of watering the lawn, complete with a to-scale diagram of the house and yard.  We also made to-scale movable sprinkler cutouts to place on our diagram in order to assure precise placement of our sprinklers to maximize coverage.

I stepped off the house and yard to get the exact dimensions.

So, we now have 9 sprinklers throughout our yard, each attached to its own hose.  Have you ever seen the movie Christmas Vacation and Clark’s Christmas light display that was seriously overloading his electrical outlet?

Modern Art

Now, all I have to do is go outside and flip a switch to swap each of my sprinklers.  My next step might be a timer, but I would need a timer for every hose, and at a minimum of about $7 per timer, that would add up pretty quickly.

This is easier now

Now I only have to move a one sprinkler. The rest just do their thing.


…like the grass needs rain

4 07 2010

So now that the lawn is in, the real work begins.  Watering the lawn is probably the biggest pain and more work than I would have ever thought.  And no amount of someone telling me “hey, watering your lawn is a pain” would have convinced me of the truth that was in that statement.  A combination of too short of hoses, too few hoses (who ever thought 6 would be too few), and low water pressure all add up to the sum of 2+ hours of my day every day devoted to providing my dirty hay with moisture.

The recommendation I got for several reliable sources was to try and water the lawn for about 10-20 minutes at a time in the morning and the evening.  Well, with the amount of times I have to change hoses or move hoses to cover gaps, it adds up to about a 1 hour job in the morning and in the evening.  In same areas, I have even resorted to just holding a sprayer or even the sprinkler itself and manually watering some corners where the sprinklers don’t reach.

We had our lawn put in on Wednesday, and it is now Sunday.  I’m told to expect a week or two before seeing grass start to grow, so I feel a little bit like Noah right now, needing to work so hard for something that at this point doesn’t seem to be doing anything.  Anyway, rain is in the forecast for the next three nights, and never before have I been so excited to see high chances of precipitation on the horizon.

I have, however, discovered that when used in tandem, oscillating sprinklers and pulse sprinklers, while very different in mechanics, can be very affective.

The Lawnman Cometh

30 06 2010

We bought a house with no yard.  We planned from the very beginning that we would be putting in a lawn soon after we moved in.  I wanted very much to make this my project.  With advice from my brother, who owns his own landscape design firm, I formulated a plan of what needed to be done.  I created a list of supplies needed, found pricing, got some estimates for top soil and seed and hay.  I did all the homework expecting that as soon as I got the will, I could start creating for myself a lawn that was indeed my own creation.

Well, that was not to be.  As part of my diligent homework (my wife in this case) lined up a landscaping company to come take a look to give us an assessment.  The news was not what I wanted to hear.  What my untrained eye did not really account for was that my back yard had a grade (that’s essentially the slope of the ground for those of you who are as ignorant as me) that was too crowned.  About half of the back yard sloped towards the house, which is a no-no for drainage purposes.

Ultimately, it became a project that was moving quickly outside of my scope of do-ability.  And as it turns out, the estimate I created to do it myself turned out to be pretty close to the estimate given to me by the landscaper, plus the amount for the heavy machinery needed for doing the grading.

So anyway, today is the day.  A few weeks ago the landscaper came and sprayed our lawn to kill any living thing in the area.  Here is what the lawn looked like the day he sprayed it:

World class weeds. We considered building some lawn furniture out of some of the stuff growing in our yard.

Our dog was even a little scared to do his business in our yard, as some of the weeds seemed to have a foul look about them.

If you listened closely, you could hear Mowgli and Baloo singing the Bear Necessities in our back yard

That was two weeks ago.  The landscaper came by yesterday and cleared everything out and began the process of grading our lot and seeding our lawn.

I think a few species of birds went extinct when they sprayed and plowed over our yard

And this is the bobcat they left in our yard overnight without the keys

They are supposed to be finishing up with the seeding today, so hopefully soon I will be able to share our beautiful lawn with the world, and especially our neighbors.  For now, my work laid before me is that of a waterer.  I added to my arsenal a few sprinklers and a few hoses, so I guess that will be my contribution to the “putting in the lawn” project.  We have decided that for now we will just put the lawn in, and we will worry later (probably sometime next year or even this fall) about putting in any additional landscaping.  So now we just wait and watch the seedlings work their way into our lawn and into our lives.

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