Scrap Wood Drill Rack

13 09 2015

I recently undertook one of the more simpler projects I’ve done.  But simple in concept doesn’t mean simple in helpfulness.  The workbench in my garage doesn’t have a nearby power outlet, so charging up power tools didn’t work in the area where it made the most sense to store them.  So what is a guy to do?

I saw a similar idea in a handyman magazine and it seemed simple enough.  The concept is a place to hang the drill and my variation from other concepts includes a place to set the battery charger.  It also includes room if I felt like adding other attachments, like perhaps a hook to hang drill bits, or something else that I need to keep handy.

Having completed a number of projects in my day, I have plenty of scrap wood lying around.  I actually didn’t have to cut anything to assemble this.  I had 2 2x4s that were the exact same lenth (about 6 inches or so).  I also had various lengths of 1x4s from a recent project.  After drilling in a few screws, I had a very simple, very ingenious, and very handy place to hang my drill and store the charger.

Made from scrap wood I had lying around.

Made from scrap wood I had lying around.

In a little bonus project, I also mounted a cut PVC pipe to store my electric screw driver.  Just a little ingenuity for a Summer morning.


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