Workbench Redux

7 05 2012

Back in September of 2010, my dad showed off his carpentry prowess by building me a workbench in my garage. I noted this in a blog post titled Built Dad Tough. The skill is starting to rub off.

I took a somewhat spontaneous break from my bar to build a workbench in our utility room. It started for two reasons. One, I had a miter saw in my basement that I was borrowing from a friend for the bar, and I figured I’d at least cut the lumber I would need for the workbench. The other reason was that Melissa wanted to clean out and organize the utility room once and for all. That room has been an unmitigated disaster that has essentially resulted from dumping anything in there to get it out of the way as we built the basement. It was very dusty and very cluttered in that room. I knew I wanted a workbench in there, and the shelf shelf will be a help as well.

I took the overall design pretty much directly from my dad’s design. I built the two frames for the top and the shelf, and assembled them into the wall. The key, according to my dad, is having the top frame sit directly on top of the legs, as opposed to having the legs come up the side. This gives the bench the greatest strength; when doing something like pounding a nail or putting a load of weight on, the stress will be directly over a straight 2×4 which would be much stronger than a if the top was screwed to the legs from the side.

Now I just need to get a plywood sheet to rip and screw into place. That could be an adventure all it’s own.

The student has become…well, still not the teacher, but maybe a B student instead of a C student.


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