Project List

Projects to accomplish (projected/hopeful start date)

  • Put up drapes (spring 2010)
  • Landscaping (ongoing, starting summer/fall 2010)
  • finish egress windows (summer 2010)
  • Paint various room (on-going)
  • Install pantry cabinet (winter 2011)
  • the basement (2012)

Projects Accomplished (started/completion date)

  • The Lawn (Started 6/29/2010)
  • Sand down and stain old wooden patio swing (finished June 2010)
  • Hook up gas stove (5/16/2010)
  • Mount Microwave (5/16/2010)
  • Hook up Washer/Dryer (5/16/2010)
  • Paint master bedroom (started 5/16/2010 finished 5/17/2010)

One response

20 05 2010

I love this list! We started with such a list…and then slowed down…and slowed down. Not to be discouraging, but we ran out of time AND money. 🙂 It’s always good to be optimistic, though.

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